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Baby Elephant Need Love

Baby elephants are one of the most adorable animals in God’s creation. Elephants are dependent on a mother for many years and then they need a herd. Watch what the baby elephant does to this woman! Kindly share this video to your friends and family.

German Shepherd With His First Experience

Life is blissful and simple for so many wonderful creatures. Watch the Hilarious Reaction of this cute puppy playing around with his own shadow. He doesn’t seen to understand what it really is or how he can get to it. It’s so adorable and amazing shot.

Dog The Pianist

Have you see dog can play piano? Take a look through the slightly out-of-tune video footage solo debut performance. Train your dog to play piano is not easy. Food rewards give dogs incentive to please you & aids training! Dogs also need & love praise! Once they learn a trick, you can alternate between a treat & …Read more »

How the female puma behaves? Puma female in heat behaves in a way similar to domestic felines. They yowl and rub against objects. This is how a female puma does most of the day while in her heat cycle. Enjoy the footage.

How Snake Climb Tree

Do Snakes Have a Preference for Coiling Direction? I am not a snake expert, but what i knew is snakes coil because they are cold-blooded and do so to maintain their body temperature. Climbing trees is no easy for those that lack claws or other means of attachment. It generally means using brute force which requires …Read more »