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Get Ready To Meet The World’s Biggest PITBULL

This pitbull might resemble a lovely creature, however he’s furthermore pressing some genuine muscle. He weighs in at greater than 173lbs and that he seems to become about triple the extent of the normal canine. Some say that he’s the aftereffect of mix showing others say that he’s a creature in the canine family, in …Read more »

German Shepherd With His First Experience

Life is blissful and simple for so many wonderful creatures. Watch the Hilarious Reaction of this cute puppy playing around with his own shadow. He doesn’t seen to understand what it really is or how he can get to it. It’s so adorable and amazing shot.

Lovely puppy Ready For Photoshooting

Cute puppy in the mug ready for photo shot, are you ready?

Dog Rescue and Recovery

Animal rescuers save a street dog with a piece of wire wrapped around her leg cutting into her skin. The team was done an amazing recovery work.

Sweet Tucking

This adorable video is anything to go by, showing the moment that a dog tucked a newborn baby into bed. When this dog notices the new little human in the family hasn’t been tucked in to his blanket, he gently using his nose to covers the baby up with the blanket. Most heart touching reunion of dogs and …Read more »