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Focused Cat

Have you ever been so focused for something interesting? This is a cat you can get into a staring contest and win a championship. What is she focusing? Check out here.

Cats Groove

Cats grooving in harmony is lovely and adorable. It is not easy for the kitten synchronize to the song play. It proves the power of the music is not only can affect the human brain, but animals too.

Cat Mind Her Body Figure

The cat is probably just grooming itself, and gives it a few good tries to get a good body figure. Staying fit is hard, no matter what species you are. No pain, no gain!

Funny Cat Playing Hide And Seek

When you own a pet, have you enjoy playing with them? This is the funniest catch-up footage that i have ever seen in my life. The adorable little kitten tries to grab her owner’s hand and showing the exciting cute look.

Kitten Massage Therapy

Do your kitten giving massage to you? Massaging is an instinctive behavior practiced by many cats throughout their lives. Body massages are supposed to be a great way to relax the muscles and decrease signs of aging. But when a cat gives one to other it’s just adorable! It also looks like a darn good …Read more »