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Extreme Experience

A roller coaster is an amusement ride developed for amusement parks and modern theme parks. Some people call it the “scream machine,” with good reason.Thrill seekers will love this huge roller coaster that will give them an extreme ride right in your backyard! Are you ready for a wild ride? An extreme and most terrifying …Read more »

Leaping Leopard

How high can a black leopard jump? This is the incredible moment the deadly feline shows off its incredible jump skill. Let me tell you the real fact and this is not kidding. A panther can jump 18 feet into the air to leap onto rocks, ledges, or other supports.

Stunning Balancing Skills

How can they make it? Its so amazing and skillful drive! Great Performance.

4WD Vertical Up

This hill climb is extremely steep and has loose rocks in it’s ruts. Pretty amazing that it is possible to drive up here, but at last the skillful driver hill climb straight up the vertical face. Bravo and excellent performance.

Taste of Human Flesh

Crocodiles are very fast over short distances, even out of water. The land speed record for a crocodile is 17 km/h (11 mph) measured in a galloping Australian freshwater crocodile. Can you really escape alligator attacks? Most of the attacks are the result of people putting themselves in bad situations. Never under-estimate the attacking speed …Read more »